What We Do

Our Approach

Environmental Relations’ mission is to support communications and raise awareness of organizations that improve the environment and communities in which we live. Strategic communications and public relations are never one size fits all.  Recognizing this and beginning with a goal-oriented focus enables us to more fully understand the client’s needs and to tailor strategies that achieve greater success for the client.  At Environmental Relations, we pride ourselves in being flexible, attentive, accommodating and committed to doing our part to help organizations thrive.

There are a number of ways to work with a public relations firm: a firm can either complement an organization's internal resources or can fulfill all of an organization's communications and outreach needs.  There are many of benefits to contracting a public relations firm rather than hiring in-house staffing:

  • An objective, third-party perspective.
  • Access to databases and expertise of multiple people that would be financially prohibitive to acquire in-house.
  • A communications department with greater capacity and flexibility than just one person.
  • Often, it is more affordable for the organization in the long-run because a contracted firm does not necessitate health care benefits, workers compensation insurance, sick leave etc. than an in-house employee requires.
  • Costs can still be predictable and consistent with a retainer payment model.  
  • Costs can also be cut by decreasing service levels, rather than laying off workers.
  • Environmental Relations is always out networking to find opportunities for our clients.

If you would like to discuss options for your organization or are interested in learning more, contact us